Some jars, a pallet, and a can of paint...

It all started with a few boxes of jars given to my husband by his mother for his canning hobby. It happened to be me who opened these boxes......and from that moment on the jars were mine! Wrapped in yellowed newspapers from 1967, I discovered four boxes of wondrous vintage jars. Ball, Kerr, Drey, Presto, Atlas and more! And they were now mine mine mine! No way were these jars destined for salsa or pickled jalepenos! These were meant to be adored, accented, displayed, beautified! And it would be my honor and privilege to tackle that task.

I am a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband who is a firefighter. I had been dreaming of starting a small business from home that would encompass my passions and abilities and also provide supplemental income for our household.

These amazing old jars provided the impetus I needed to make my ideas a reality. The magical aura that surrounds each one is humbling and motivating. It feels as though the hands of those who once touched these jars nearly 90 year's ago have reached out and given me a gentle push in the right direction. For that I am grateful. I aim to craft creative and attractive products of good quality that would make the former owners proud!

I hope visitors to my shop enjoy the items I create and share my sense of wonder regarding all things past!